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As my mimosa wears off and espresso kicks in, I’m struck by a sense of contentedness and relief. The summer is over and I’m happy. It seems odd to declare oneself happy, because happiness is often transitory. I should clarify that I’m not happy in the ecstatic, nothing is wrong, almost delusional way, but rather in the calm, collected, and satisfied way. Serene, like after a storm.

This time last year I was in the process of moving to the pacific northwest, and the year prior I was preparing to move to the midwest. A collection of personal challenges collided with my sense of self and the reality of my education. My loved ones were faring no better. One was in a dubious situation abroad, one had just been diagnosed with PTSD, and another was battling cancer. I felt helpless.

Life happened, and the storm has subsided. It’s not over, but it’s no longer angry. My loved ones are better, content even, as am I. The right change of scenery helped. The pacific northwest’s overcast and dark winter encourages hibernation and healing. The “seattle freeze” demands less small talk and more genuine connections. The verdant landscape allows space, inspiration, and perspective. The rain dampens the frenetic energy I’m prone to, leaving me with calmness and clarity. The beautiful calm after the storm.

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