Jul 22 2018 What's Your Why?Category: General     12:34PM   0

I haven’t written in awhile. I’m actually shocked that my last post was 8 months ago. Somewhere along the line - years before my last post, actually - it became less about me and more about others.  Over the years, the “other” has varied, from school teachers to friends and family to strangers and to professors, and now to you.

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Oct 31 2017 Nom De PlumeCategory: General     06:36PM   0

I’m often asked what my “real name” is, and I never tell. By this point it’s more of boundaries than privacy. But the truth is, Lylah feels much more real than my given name. One could argue, quite successfully, that it is my chosen name. Unless I’m firmly aware of which “world” I am in (ie with family or with clients), I often struggle in how to introduce myself. Various (mis)spellings of Lylah litter my coffee cups.  

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Sep 23 2017 The Beautiful CalmCategory: General     07:08PM   0

As my mimosa wears off and espresso kicks in, I’m struck by a sense of contentedness and relief. The summer is over and I’m happy. It seems odd to declare oneself happy, because happiness is often transitory. I should clarify that I’m not happy in the ecstatic, nothing is wrong, almost delusional way, but rather in the calm, collected, and satisfied way. Serene, like after a storm.

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Sep 6 2017 A New Beginning: Delisting and Face Reveal Category: General     04:00PM   0

In the past month or so I’ve made two rather significant changes; Delisted from review boards and revealed my face. In some way opposites, both are evident of personal and professional growth. A no review policy is more under the radar, private, and less visible. Revealing my face, on the other hand, is much more above board, transparent, and visible. Both have been a long time coming, and both speak to the connections I hope to develop.

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