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Mid Twenties
Gorgeous Blue Eyes
Long, Strawberry Blonde
5'2" - 97lbs
30DD-22-33 (enhanced)


Twitter @Lylah_Stone
Instagram @miss.lylah
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I’m currently hibernating for the holidays but will pop back up sometime in early 2018. Feel free to get to know me by perusing my instagram, twitter, or reading my blog. I intend to be intermittently active.

If we are old friends or if you are a new friend intent on meeting, I may be persuaded to come out for a public date.  Otherwise I encourage you to get to enjoy my lovely friends. Perhaps a future duo is in order...

When we do finally meet, it will feel like old friends reconnecting after a long absence. My deep blue eyes and wry smile will be even more enchanting than you anticipate. I choose to fill my social circle with individuals beautiful both inside and out.

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Lylah Stone


Do you have reviews?

 No, I do not. I used to be highly reviewed, in the top 5 of all 3 cities in which I lived. I find them distasteful, indiscreet, and contrary to my life and goals. As such, I no longer participate in the review culture and have a strict no review policy. Please respect this. More about my decision is written here. You can be assured I am real and all my photos recent. I am very active on twitter, instagram, and blog regularly. If you are concerned with what "services" I provide, we will not be a good fit. I treat all my lovers like I would my fiance.

Are your rates or screening methods negotiable?

No. If you even ask, you have effectively screened yourself out of spending time together. My screening requirements may be more than average, but are designed to attract those I am more likely to connect with long term.

Do you tour / When will you be in my city?

I don’t tour so much as frequent cities that I have an affinity with, namely New York and San Francisco. I can easily go to Portland, OR and Vancouver, BC for dinner dates and overnights. It is doubtful you will find me elsewhere, but I am always available for private travel. I am always happy to arrange a trip to the afforementioned cities around a dinner date or overnight. View my calender here.

How long does it take you to respond?

Admittedly I am not known for my timely responses, especially if we have not met. That being said, I may respond within minutes or a week. If you don’t include all screening requirements, are rude and vulgar, or ask questions that are easily answered, I will likely not respond. If you do not fit that category and I have not responded after 5 days or so, feel free to resend.

What can I expect from our time together?

You can expect to be treated with as much respect and adoration as you treat me. I will treat you like a king, and I your mistress.  Any stories you may have heard or read about me are simply stories, susceptible to exaggeration and individual biases. Any expectations other than my genuine self will surely result in disappointment. I may be a fantasy, but I am still human. 

Do you do doubles, see couples, or indulge in fantasies/kinks/BDSM?

Unfortunately, at this time I do not have a doubles partner. I am open to suggestions, however, but would need ample time to meet and get to know her before confirming. For personal reasons I do not see couples. I also do not indulge in specific fantasies, roleplay, kinks, or BDSM.


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Mutual discretion and safety is a top priority, but all details are required. My screening requirements may be more than average, but are designed to attract those I am more likely to connect with long term. Please do not make me ask twice for any information, as that surely signals we are not compatible.

As a result of my no review policy, TER, TNA, Eccie, etc. handles are not a valid component of screening. P411 / Datecheck / TVG help, but are not not proficient on their own.

Please note that I screen for compatibility just as much as for safety. Unless we have met and have a rapport, same day dates are not possible.

Screening Details Needed:

  • Legal first and last name
  • Phone number registered to you
  • Age and field of occupation
  • Reputable independent references (no agencies)
  • P411 / user names
  • Day, time, length, and location
  • A favorite song or book
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