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Mid Twenties
Gorgeous Blue Eyes
Long auburn locks
5'2" Pocket Venus
30DD-22-33 (enhanced)


San Francisco Based

Always available for private travel


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Our eyes lock for the first time, causing us both to pause and enjoy the moment. Initially attracted by my petite frame and ultra feminine curves, my deep blue eyes and wry smile now have you entranced. My long auburn hair is draped around my shoulders, casually yet suggestively. Finally standing near me, you realize I’m shorter and more delicate than you initially thought, but thrice as enthralling.

As we get to know each other, you come to find out that I’m originally from a small town in an outdoorsy state, but have always been both a west coast and city girl at heart. I’ve studied many subjects, but have a soft spot for history, fitness, and design. You find that I’m selective with whom I share my time, and only fill my social circle with people beautiful both inside and out.

Our engagement comes to a close, you plot how to spend more time together. You imagine drinks at an intimate wine bar, dinner at the newest farm-to-table restaurant, or horseback riding through gorgeous terrain, exploring the globe together, or even just laughing over a cup of coffee. When we say our temporary goodbyes, our unparalleled memories will sustain us until next time. Let’s lock eyes...


Lylah Stone


Elite Companion


1 Hour (daytime only) $1,000  
2 Hours $1,600  
3 Hours $2,200  
4 Hour Short Evening $2,800  

6 Hour Long Evening



12 Hour Sleepover

24 Hours $7,000  
2 Night 3 Day Getaway $10,000  

I'm best suited to longer engagements, particularly those which involve food and wine. My personal preference is to surround myself with a small number of individuals who take a genuine interest in my wellbeing and goals.

I'm always able to visit you at your upscale hotel or residence throughout the Bay Area. For all locations outside of San Francisco proper I do ask that you cover my lyft/uber costs. I'm always happy to host you in my classic and cozy San Francisco pied-a-terre. An additional fee and deposit may be required.

Deposits are required at my discretion. While I don't currently have a cancellation fee, but I know you will be courteous should your plans change last minute.

Discretion is always top of priority. I am always freshly groomed, dressed both to please and match the decor, and with a pleasant disposition. Please do the same and present yourself respectfully. If we are meeting in public please present the investment tucked inside a card, book, magazine, or gift bag.

Please don't feel obligated to have anything on hand, but if asked I am partial to red wines, bubbly, room temperature bottled water, and fresh fruit. If you're the type to go above and beyond, feel free to visit my wishlist. If we've met please inquire for a shipping address.



As a creature of habit, I would love nothing more than to become your habit. The more time we spend together the more I think about you in my spare time. Monthly arrangments ideal with the right person.




Do you have reviews?

No, I do not. I used to be highly reviewed, in the top 5 of all 3 cities in which I lived. I find them distasteful, indiscreet, and contrary to my life and goals. As such, I no longer participate in the review culture and have a strict no review policy. Please respect this. More about my decision is written here. You can be assured I am real and all my photos recent. I am very active on twitter, instagram, and Patreon. If you are concerned with "services" than I am not the companion for you. I specialize in genuine connections, and, assuming you are a gentleman, I know no other way than to be your girlfriend.

Are your rates or screening methods negotiable?

No. If you even ask, you have effectively screened yourself out of spending time together. My screening requirements may be more than average, but are designed to attract those I am more likely to connect with long term.

Do you tour / When will you be in my city?

I'm based in San Francisco and sometimes find myself in Manhattan, but I do not tour otherwise. I'm more than happy to visit your city for a 3+ hour date plus expenses. Additionally, I am more than happy to show you around San Francisco! You are more than welcome to sign up for my newsletter  in the off chance that I visit elsewhere. View my calender here.

How long does it take you to respond?

Admittedly I am not known for my timely responses, especially if we have not met. That being said, I may respond within minutes or a week. If you don’t include all screening requirements, are rude and vulgar, or ask questions that are easily answered, I will likely not respond. If you do not fit that category and I have not responded after 5 days or so, feel free to resend.

What can I expect from our time together?

Assuming you are a gentleman, I wouldn’t know how to be anything other than your girlfriend. Expect to be treated with as much respect and adoration as you treat me. I want nothing more than to treat you like a king. Any stories you may have heard or read about me are simply stories, susceptible to exaggeration and individual biases. Any expectations other than my genuine self will surely result in disappointment. I may be a fantasy, but I am still human.

Elite Companion


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Mutual discretion and safety is a top priority, but all details are required. If I do not know who you are ahead of time, I will not be comfortable meeting. Between my website and my social media, you will know exactly who will walk in the door. I desire the same. Please do not make me ask twice for any information, as that surely signals we are not compatible.  I do discreetly check ID upon meeting so make sure the info you provide is accurate!

Please do your best to make a good first impression as that is my greatest indicator of how well we will get along.

Screening Details Needed:

  • Legal first and last name
  • Phone number registered to you (no apps/google voice)
  • Age and occupation
  • Reputable independent references (no agencies)
  • P411 / user names
  • Day, time, length, and location
  • A favorite song or book


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